PROJECT: Total Knee Replacement (TKR) wearable device for a large U.S. based healthcare company
The Brief: 
To design an orthopaedic wearable device for patients post total knee replacement and design the supporting system around it. 
I joined the project approximately nine months in once the first round of interviews had been conducted, key insights uncovered and the product designs had been narrowed down. 
The next phase of the product was to further refine the designs of the wearable, understand the motivations behind each of the stakeholders using it and how it fitted into the current ecosystem. I was responsible for creating value propositions for each of the stakeholders, carrying out stakeholder analysis and mapping the user experience lifecycle.
I also took part in workshops, the output of which was the storyboard that were to be tested with patients in the next round of testing. 
In order to understand how the device and the supporting service would fit into the existing healthcare system I created a Service Blueprint, which served to highlight what was happening between front end as well as what needed to be in place in the back end to enable the service to work. 
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